Finally, text mucking fun the whole family can enjoy

What it is

(Note: CL-Markdown just split off it's Lisp documentation abilities into the docudown project. Don't be alarmed. Everything is good.)

Markdown is John Gruber's text markup langauge and the Perl program that converts documents written in that language into HTML. CL-Markdown is a Common Lisp rewrite of Markdown. CL-Markdown is licensed under the MIT license.

You can see the source of this page by clicking in the address bar of your browser and changing the extension from html to text. For example, this page's source is at index.text.

You can view a comparison of Markdown and CL-Markdown output here.

Mailing Lists

Where is it is switching from darcs to git for source control; the current cl-markdown repository is on github and you can clone it using:

git clone git:// 

(note that this won't let you build CL-Markdown unless you also get all of its dependencies which I should list but don't because I haven't found (er, made) the time to automate the process yet...)

The easiest way to get setup with CL-Markdown is by using QuickLisp or ASDF-Install (deprecated). If that doesn't float your boat, there is a handy gzipped tar file

What is happening

8 January 2011
Moved to github. Very minor cleanup.
28 May 2008
Many small improvements, bug fixes, tweaks, and extensions. The biggest change, however, is that I've move the Lisp documentation work into it's own project. This keeps CL-Markdown simpler. The dependencies on moptilities and defsystem-compatibility have both been removed. A dependency on anaphora has been added.
30 August 2007
Tons of improvements in the documentation extension, lots of cleanup, better HTML generation, better footnotes, what's not to like!
20 Feb 2007
Lots of stuff has happened; see the change log for details.
5 June 2006
More tweaking of block structure processing and paragraph marking. In every day and in every way, it's getting better and better.
22 May 2006
Removed LML2 dependency for CL-Markdown and fixed some bugs!
17 May 2006
Updated with SBCL and Allegro support (son far only alisp)
8 May 2006
Created site.